Corporate Ethics

Basic Philosophy

Over the years, Obayashi has striven to earn and maintain the trust of its customers and the communities it serves by upholding its corporate philosophy. For this reason, the Group not only observes complete compliance with laws and regulations, but also initiates activities to inspire employees to raise their sensitivity to ethical issues and perform their corporate duties in good faith.
With this series of measures, awareness of Corporate Ethics is taking root. The Group will continue to act on each initiative to ensure thorough implementation of compliance and create a sound corporate culture.

Measures to Promote Corporate Ethics

Specifically, Obayashi has established the Antimonopoly Act Compliance Program and implements each part of the program strictly by enforcing the Corporate Ethics Promotion System, which is headed by the president as the Corporate Ethics Supervisor.

Declaration of Commitment to Compliance in Articles of Incorporation

Obayashi's basic policy on legal compliance is included in the Articles of Incorporation, as follows: "The Corporation will comply with all laws and regulations, will act in good faith and will not engage in bid-rigging."

Conduct Workplace Corporate Ethics Training

In April each year, compliance training is conducted in all Obayashi workplaces around the world, with 12,000 officers and employees engaging in concrete case studies of compliance problems. In this way Obayashi is raising awareness of Corporate Ethics.

Strengthening the Internal Control System

Obayashi has created an internal control system to ensure that information is conveyed in a timely and accurate manner within the Company and to help ensure legal compliance. In August 2008, Obayashi added an external legal counsel to its compliance helpdesk, creating an easily accessible environment and enhancing the effectiveness of the internal control system.

Monitoring by the Audit Committee

The Audit Committees conduct monitoring of compliance with laws and regulations based on the Bid-rigging Monitoring Program from a third party perspective, independent of the corporate executive system.

Corporate Ethic Program