About Obayashi


Obayashi Vision, Values, and Commitments

VISION: Who We Want To Be

The people of Obayashi want to be a part of one of the world's most successful, environmentally responsible enterprises. Inspired by the principle of sustainability, we pledge to:

  • Exercise true craftsmanship and employ superior technologies to make every space as valuable as it can be.
  • Show concern for the global environment and contribute solutions to social challenges like a good corporate citizen should.
  • Value everyone we come in contact with in our business.

Social Responsibility: Our Unique Approach

At Obayashi, we think of fulfilling our corporate responsibilities as the best way to bring smiles to people. This is the goal of all of our business activities. As a good corporate citizen, Obayashi strives to meet the expectations and respond to the needs of all stakeholders. The word for "smiles" in Japanese is egao. We use the four letters of this word to remind us of our responsibilities to society.

E-Engagement with customers
Our goal is to be the best partner for every customer. To accomplish this, we continually strive to develop state-of-the-art technology, to provide high-quality buildings and structures that fully satisfy customers, and to deliver solutions for customers' challenges.

G-Global perspective
We offer solutions to environmental and social challenges and actively engage in social contribution activities to help build a sustainable world.

A-Amenity and associates
We create amenable work environments where every one of our associates can work safely and with peace of mind while realizing his or her full potential. We also strive to build trust with all business partners to ensure mutual success.

O-Open communication with stakeholders
We work hard to maintain our reputation as a trustworthy company by pursuing management transparency, communicating broadly with stakeholders, and constantly enhancing our information disclosure.

VALUES: What We Believe In

Obayashi people strive to practice five fundamental values in everything we do. These are the core values that help us become "who we want to be."


We pursue personal growth and continuously reach for our dreams.


We are proactive in our quest for constant improvement and innovation.


We think creatively and act quickly.


We combine our individual strengths to maximize our impact as a team.


We act with integrity as responsible citizens of the Earth and all the nations where we live.


Everyone at Obayashi is committed to practicing good corporate ethics, with top management leading the way. We adhere to the following action commitments, which express our determination to ensure ethical conduct at all times.

  • We comply with the law and conduct ourselves sensibly.
  • We practice fair and free competition.
  • We maintain sound relationships with all stakeholders.
  • We completely avoid involvement with any organized criminal elements.
  • We properly disclose information, always striving for complete transparency in our corporate activities.

Established January 25, 2011

Corporate Message

Toward a Brighter Future

A satisfied smile is a sure sign of a brighter future. Whether our customers, partners, neighbors in the local community, or the children of the future, Obayashi's goal is simply that, to make people smile. As a good corporate citizen, we want to bring a smile not only to every face, but to the whole wide world.

Shaping the Times with Care

Construction companies shape the world like no one else can, creating unique and timeless spaces that bridge the past, the present, and the future. As Obayashi professionals, we are each determined to bring sincerity, courtesy, mindfulness, and enthusiasm to everything we do. In every construction process, and in every business practice, we feel the keen sense of responsibility of people who are building a new and better world.